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Tours and Photo Workshop

A night exploration in a Sicilian excellent place to view and photograph the night sky and the Milky Way. We will put into practice the most effective shooting techniques to photograph our galaxy. (From May to September)

Sicily Explorers

Full day guided Hike

A wide range of excursions, for those who want to spend a whole day in nature.

Seasonal itineraries

We will guide you through the most enchanting paths of Sicily. Following thematic or seasonal nature itineraries. paths studied on geology, on spring, on the plant environment, etc.

Half day guided Hike

For those who need to spend only half a day in nature. but he does not want to renounce to see the beauties of Sicily.

Landscape Photography Workshop

We have several workshops dedicated to landscape photography. We will be surrounded by nature to chase the sunset, wait the sunrise, or observe and photograph our galaxy.

Landscape Photo Tours

Tours of several days designed to visit nature areas and small villages around Sicily. These tours are dedicated to the world of photography.

Scenic Tours

A half-day tour that allows you to visit different points of interest . The tour will mainly be on board a vehicle.

Photo Trekking

Trekking routes designed specifically for those who love photography. We will guide you through the most enchanting naturalistic scenes of Sicily, photographing together.

Private Tours

Outside our proposals on the calendar it is possible to study together the itineraries with a private guide

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